The day to day operations at Piedmont Capital Management in Whitefish, consist of Market Analysis, Portfolio Management and Customer Care. When the markets close, the Federal Reserve sets a new policy and toilet paper is no longer on the shelves…What might we actually experience in our daily lives? Will the price of chicken eggs continue to rise? Will we be using paper towels? Might it be cheaper to wait to buy lumber to redo the deck? Why does it cost 15% to sell gold to my local jeweler? How can I profit more off my HSA once I’m 64? 

Drew Coco, Tom Schuch, Alex Musso and Joe Coco use their life and technical experience’s to do their very best to answer just that. 


New Episodes Thursday!

Joe, Drew, Tom and Alex sit down each week to discuss stocks, policy, the news and how it effects Farms to Markets.


About Farm to Markets is a podcast of Coco Enterprises. An Investment Advisory Firm in Whitefish MT.

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