Clients ask our opinions on a daily basis. Often it has to do with the news or it's a complex financial question. We thought why not answer everyone's questions, and let it live in perpetuity and have fun doing it! 

We base each weeks show off public input, the news and trends we see each week.

Yes! Submit a question or feedback via the “Contact Us” section of the website.

No! Nothing you hear or read via the Farm To Markets Podcast is intended to be financial advice.

Piedmont Capital Management is a Certified Financial Advisory Firm in Whitefish.

We don't want any influence, and we want to offer this to the public ad free!


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Joe, Drew, Tom and Alex sit down each week to discuss stocks, policy, the news and how it effects Farms to Markets.


About Farm to Markets is a podcast of Coco Enterprises. An Investment Advisory Firm in Whitefish MT.

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